About GalacticShirts.com

Disclaimer: this is a fictional webshop, folks!

GalacticShirts.com was designed to look like a t-shirt webshop, but this isn’t real. This website is showing only fictional products, which you can’t order.

So why does this website exist?

At Uptrends, we care about website and network uptime and performance, and we have built several monitoring products around that. In order to demonstrate our products using real-life data, we created this website as a target for monitoring uptime and performance.


Space tourism

If you came here looking for more information about space travel and space tourism, we recommend taking a look at the following commercial activities:

Reduced gravity/parabolic flights

Using modified versions of conventional aircraft to create the sensation of weightlessness.

Suborbital flights

Flights that reach space but fall back to Earth before completing an orbital revolution.

Orbital flights and beyond

Flights for missions to Earth orbit, including the ISS, and missions to the Moon and Mars.